For a gift to play as a delicate mean to deliver messages, it shall contain these three elements: The intrinsic value of the gift itself, a carefully-wrapped cover, and a meaningful tale embroidered by their perfect complement. The intrinsic value reflects a giver’s heart while the cover portraits the attitude. We truly believe that, without much spoken, a genuine gift handed out with a sincere attitude could touch anyone’s heart.

Moon n Sun (MnS) offers gift products, specifically food gifts covering a wide range of Vietnamese traditional cakes which are served in two major annual holidays, Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as other important occasions for gift giving. Moon n Sun’s products are created with a great desire to promote the culture of gift giving and Vietnamese cuisine. Food gifts themselves carry a message of goodness, prosperity, love and affection from givers to receivers. The mission of Moon n Sun has thus become very simple - to come up with the sincerest, most delicate, and most meaningful products. They will naturally find their way to many customers who are also looking for intrinsic values in life.

Moon n Sun stands on the belief and respect for intrinsic values, law of nature and law of life. Land is covered in warm sunlight during the day and pampered by cool moonlight at night. From there, all species start their courses of life and thrive to develop. We treasure each and every ingredient from Mother Nature. With great attention to detail, prudence and passion, Moon n Sun’s culinary experts bring these ingredients to life, while our artisans craft the perfect coat for them. And so we create such meaningful gifts that convey givers’ affection and stir up receivers’ happiness.

Customer understanding is viewed by Moon and Sun as a top priority in product research and development. Therefore, we offer not only sincere and sophisticated food gifts but also a wide selection of flavors and designs targeting different receivers. In near future, besides promoting Vietnamese gift giving culture and Vietnamese cuisine, we will also bring culinary arts all over the world into our mixture. With this in mind, we will develop more product lines that help bring people closer together.