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Mua Ngay
Description: Hexagonal traditional bamboo box with engraving design mosaic, gold-plated logo mounted on the box.
Moon cake with 4 flavours:
- Hue lotus seed kernel
- Salted egg with green tea
- Salted egg with green bean
- Roasted chicken mixture
- 1 electronic candle with control
Weight 100 grams
Usage: The box enclosed with electronic candle and control. The box can be used as an ornamental lantern in indoor space, living room or sleeping room.
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General instruction
Moon n Sun Mid-Autumn cakes  collection includes 8 flavours: Swallow nest mixture, Roasted chicken mixture, Traditional mixture, Hue lotus seed kernel, Salted egg with green tea, Salted egg with green bean, Red bean, black sesame.
Weight 100g and 150g
Preserve in dry, cool plces and away form direct sunlight 
Enclosement: Greeting card, designed carrying bag.
The boxes could be used as ornaments in your place and to keep usual utensils like: glass, tissue, jewellry, sundry...
The products could be personalised with: company logo engraving, name engraving, designed card printing, carrying bag design... The cost depends on order volume.
Moon n Sun provides to-door delivery service with additional charge.