Abundance Yellow Moon 1.320.000 vnđ

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Mua Ngay
Description: Wooden box with daisy flower mosaic, containing 4 cakes, logo mounted on the box. 
Moon cake with 4 flavours:
- Hue lotus seed kernel
- Traditional mixture
- Salted egg with green tea
- Salted egg with black sesame
Weight 100 grams
Usage: The box can be used to keep utensils or as tea tray in living room.
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Co-branding Products Moon n Sun - Annam Gourmet Market

In the season of 2017 Mid-Autumn, Moon n Sun and Annam Gourmet Market collaborate in the launch of 02 types of luxury Mid-Autumn Gift for clients.

The content of each gift package consists of cake, semi dried fruits those of selected natural materials. High class exquisite covering box is made of traditional wood but very luxurious. Each box of gift is a subtle combination of more-than-30-year experience of baking art from Moon n Sun’s bakers and Annam Gourmet Market with over 20 years in bringing the best branded food and beverage products of the world into Vietnam.

The Mid-Autumn of 2017 marks a beautiful beginning of the very promising “Moon and Sun company” relationship of the 02 brands on a pioneering journey to provide clients with trends of new hi-end culinary gift that full of charms & flavors.