Tân Xuân Sum Vầy 1 700.000 vnđ

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Mua Ngay
- Description: Square carton box with imported fine art paper, engraving design mosaic on the cover
- 04 small square tin boxes containing 04 kinds of dried fruits (strawberry, mango, La Ba banana, Northern apricot without seeds). Net weight 100 gram
- Accessories: greeting card + carrying bag made of Hong Kong Ivory 300gms art paper, embossed logo outside the bag.
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General instruction
Enclosement: Greeting card, designed carrying bag.
The boxes could be used as ornaments in your place and to keep usual utensils like: glass, tissue, jewellry, sundry...
The products could be personalised with: company logo engraving, name engraving, designed card printing, carrying bag design... The cost depends on order volume.
Moon n Sun provides to-door delivery service with additional charge.